Some of us may not be here today if it were not for our monthly bag of pills from the chemist.  And yet with all its wonders, all that the science of medicine can accomplish is at most to prolong life, to put off the inevitable day of death.

Through his miracles Our Lord wanted to show that he had power not only over sickness, but over death itself.  The faith of the official in today’s gospel was at first only a belief that Our Lord had extraordinary healing powers, that he was some kind of super-doctor.  But Our Lord rejected that type of faith.  And yet the man struggled to deepen his faith and cried out: “Sir, please come before my child dies”.  When Our Lord told him that his son would live, he put his whole trust in Our Lord and made his way home where he discovered that his son was indeed alive and well, he then came to full faith in Our Lord.

This final, complete faith is the kind of faith we must have.  Our Lord isn’t concerned merely with our temporal well being.  Yes, he may cure our migraine, or our sore throat, or our cancer, but more than anything he wants us to share in his own resurrection from the dead, so that we may enjoy his eternal happiness in heaven.

All during Lent we look forward to Holy Week and the great feast of the Resurrection.  In faith we see that Christ’s victory over death is our victory as well.  God will one day create a new heaven and a new earth.  Provided we keep our faith and trust in God, we will enjoy this new creation through our own resurrection with Christ from the dead.



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