Ss. Philip & James

History hasn’t left us with many details about what happened to Saint Philip and Saint James after Pentecost.  We don’t even know for sure whether this James (also known as ‘James the Less’) is the apostle who administered the church in Jerusalem, the one who wrote the New Testament letter with that name, or another […]

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Saint Athanasius

Today we honour the memory of Saint Athanasius, an Egyptian bishop and Doctor of the Church who died in 373.  Athanasius defended the Church against the Arian heresy which held that Christ was only a man and not divine.  Go to Mass in many of our parish churches on Sunday and you will see that […]

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Saint Joseph the Worker

Saint Joseph is much more than an example for working people to follow and imitate.  He is the example of what it means to be a man.  In today’s society, there are many mixed views as to what a real man actually is.  Some think a man must be a macho type of individual.  Saint […]

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Third Sunday of Easter

One of the Church’s earliest memories is the account of the two disciples who fled from Jerusalem after Our Lord’s crucifixion.  Jesus was the one person who had meant anything to them.  With his death, their whole world had collapsed, and an end was put to their dreams for the future.  Struggling to make some […]

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Saint Catherine of Siena, O.P.

The value Saint Catherine of Siena makes central in her short life, and which sounds clearly and consistently through her experience, is complete surrender to Christ.  What is most impressive about her is that she learns to view her surrender to God as a goal to be reached through the course of a lifetime. After […]

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Saint Louis de Montfort

Today we honour the memory of the French priest, founder and Dominican tertiary Saint Louis de Montfort, who had an extraordinary devotion to Our Lady.  His book The Secret of the Rosary, is still in print today, and read by many. Saint Louis considered Consecration to Our Lady as the most perfect way of renewing […]

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